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BOISE — Boise State’s School of Public Service announced in a press release it will partner with Blue Line K9 Dog Training to offer a new K9 internship program for students in the university’s criminal justice program. The internships will prepare students for K9-specific careers in law enforcement, the military or private sector security.

“We are pleased to be providing an internship opportunity for our criminal justice students at Blue Line K9,” said Andrew Giacomazzi, interim dean of the School of Public Service. “We value working with community partners who are committed to giving our students real-world experiences that will prepare them for their future careers.”

The internships will provide students with K9 field training and safety protocols. Students will learn the functions of K9 officers in police and military work and their contributions to legal proceedings and case law. Students will support K9 trainers in group classes, assist with equipment and decoy deployment, and more.

“It is an honor to be working with Boise State to present a K9 internship program to criminal justice students that are considering a K9 profession,” said Jacob Fowler, owner of Blue Line K9. “The role of the K9 has expanded into new areas of law enforcement as well as in the public and private sectors, and so qualified K9 handlers are in high demand.”

Fowler launched Blue Line K9 Dog Training LLC in 2018 following an 11-year career as a decorated police officer in California and Idaho, and six years of service in the United States Navy. Fowler leads classes in basic and intermediate obedience, tracking, detection and personal protection as well as private training. Blue Line K9 also offers AKC Good Citizen Certification and holds seminars and clinics featuring respected K9 experts from around the country.

An all-breed and K9 behavioral training, protection and detection business located in Southern Idaho, the mission of Blue Line K9 is to instill the lessons learned from military and law enforcement experience and technical training to provide a safe and realistic approach to dog training.

Criminal Justice is the largest program in the Boise State University School of Public Service. With a current enrollment of over 500 students, Criminal Justice at Boise State builds on 50 years of accomplishments to prepare students to be fully informed participants at all levels of the justice field.

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