Erie Ultimate Disc Dogs treated to a Dog Frisbee Workshop Saturday

Dogs and their owners got a chance to enjoy today’s warm weather.

Members of Erie Ultimate Disc Dogs were treated to a Dog Frisbee Workshop at Lucky Dog Stay & Play Saturday.

Julia Hazel was live in the studio with more.

Dog frisbee competitions might look simple, but learning the method to throw a frisbee is one of the hardest parts.

It’s fun playing catch with your dog, but some take it to the next level.

With help from Freestyle Disc Dog World Champion David Gosch, including the founder of Frisbee Toss & Fetch, they are helping dog owners become the master of frisbee throwing.

But the sport isn’t as easy as it looks…

“It’s the people that usually have the problem with this sport, throwing the frisbee is the hardest part of the sport,” said Mark Vitullo, founder, K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch. 

The clinic is also about building a bond with your dog.

“How to actually throw the frisbee better and then also working as a team with your dog. That comes into play once you’ve learned some of the basic techniques in throwing the frisbee, then you put those together with techniques of playing as a team,” said Vitullo.

“You have one minute to make as many throws and catches that you can downfield. The field is marked in 10 yard increments, so the longer the catch, the more points you get,” said Vitullo.

The owner of Puptopia and Captain of the Erie Ultimate Disc Dogs says this is a great sport for every dog.

“There is a lot of room so dogs that may not be comfortable right next to people or right next to dogs have a lot of room to spread out,” said Lisa Yan, owner, Puptopia Dog Training.

Frisbee competitions allow dogs to unleash their competitive side while getting a healthy dose of exercise.

“It provides the dog with an outlet for their energy. It’s a sport where you can get together and a really easy to learn sport,” said Vitullo.

Click here for more information on how to join the Erie Ultimate Disc Dogs.

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