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The Gulf Coast Tiny Paws Rescue pet of the week is JJ.

Need a lovebug to spend your days with? JJ (A-307) is a sweet, gentle giant who’s looking for her forever home. At 9 months old, she’s still a playful puppy but is already housebroken and crate trained.

JJ has had no bathroom accidents at her foster home and enjoys her crate, sleeping in it at night and happily hanging out in it for naps with the door open. She’s making good progress on leash training, pulling less on walks. JJ responds well to training and is eager to please.

JJ has good house manners but needs stimulating toys to prevent boredom. Her big dog appearance and deep bark may be intimidating at first, but she’s a lover, not a fighter. JJ isn’t “storm-phobic;” thunderstorms don’t bother her. JJ loves to be around people and is child-, dog- and cat-friendly.

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