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DANSVILLE – A chance meeting at a doggie day care business back in 2010 has turned into a true passion for Dansville resident Kaylee Walker-Lohrmann.

“Working at a dog kennel would be great and I would just play with dogs all day. It just kind of transformed into dog training,” said Walker-Lohrmann.

On Jan. 15, Walker-Lohrmann celebrated that passion with a ribbon cutting ceremony to help celebrate the opening of K’s Canine LLC at 10985 RT-36, Dansville. It is part of an expansion effort that she had started years ago to help meet the growing needs of pet owners in Dansville.

“We saved up the money and added a whole new building,” said Walker-Lohrmann.

The newer building, she said, will not only have more space for the dogs, but also more activities.

Her business is two buildings with one being the new day care business that just opened and the older building – as she calls it – that will offer grooming and dog training.

“There is another business that works alongside me and is called, ‘Critter Clean,’ and that is our groomer. In the old building there will be the groomer and training and in the new building there will be doggie day care,” said Walker-Lohrmann.

It is a space that she said was needed in Dansville.

“With the new building we are able to have a much larger day care space and a large group class space,” said Walker-Lohrmann.

About 10 to 20 dogs currently use the day care and owners are required to show proof of vet records and an evaluation of the animal is also required before they can start coming. From tiny dogs to larger ones she said pets of all shapes and sizes are welcome at the day-care.

“We can work on socializing, separation anxiety and gives the dogs something to do, instead of crating all day,” said Walker-Lohrmann.

There is also plenty of space from them to play. The business has two indoor play spaces and seven outdoor play yards, with more yards to come in the spring.

“Exercise is huge because they get to run around and play. We do rotate in nap time, so they typically do get rest time,” said Walker-Lohrmann.

K’s Canine also has plenty of toys and activities for the dogs to participate in and is something that Walker-Lohrmann said not only gives the dogs something to do but helps with their quality of life.

“They definitely are getting enrichment, their brain is working, their able to start thinking a little different, they go home a little more tired and there are definitely those benefits to it,” said Walker-Lohrmann.

For more information about pricing or business hours, call (585) 613-8725.

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