Training Your Dog For Peaceful Co-Existence

The training of a dog is a determining factor in its relationship with humans. When we talk about the training we do not refer to the tricks that a dog can very easily learn to do. These are intended to impress. When we refer to training, we talk about understanding simple commands but also adopting correct behaviors. Each dog must be trained, so that the harmonious coexistence of two completely different species, man and dog, is achieved. Proper training also helps to avoid aggressive behaviors.

An non socialized dog will inevitably become aggressive. The same rule applies to humans. An animal that lives all its life tied up, or neglected, does not know how to behave in different situations. A dog’s behavior is a mirror of how it’s been brought up. Mistakes made by the owner many times result from the fact that they cannot many times understand that the dog does not perceive things in the same way as them.

For example, all puppies bite. Many owners consider that in order for the dog to learn not to bite they need to stroke it when it does, shout at it, and punish it. These are mistakes that can be fatal. For this reason, we must, before proceeding with the training of the dog, train ourselves. Continuing on the same example, the owner must understand why the puppy has this behavior. People in order to feel and understand objects use their hands. The dog uses his teeth. In addition, at a specified age the dog learns the way and when they should bite. A puppy that is not allowed to do this, growing up is quite possible to attack for no reason. This will happen because the dog has never received the corresponding training. How does the dog learn not to bite? Consider how the mom would teach them. You just pretend you’re in a lot of pain when he bites, even if his small milk teeth don’t cause any pain.

All pets need proper socialization, regardless of their breed or size. Pet dogs, which we adopt in our homes have to be able to coexist with other people, animals, objects, and situations. We can only achieve this with proper socialization from the very first day. The socialization of the puppy, starts from the early stages of life, with the help of the mother, in the environment that grows and continues when our little friend is adopted into a family. It is the first, but also one of the most essential parts of your dog’s training. Dog training starts from the moment its mom gives birth to her puppies and ends with the death of the dog in old age!

It is not necessary to start training your dog with the purchase of the puppy but you need to train your mind to learn how dogs think and how these thoughts are connected to the world in which we live. This will happen when you decide to relate to your dog with understanding respect and love, which will create a meaningful relationship based on trust, communication, and control.

In addition, we need to know the genetic construction of our dog. Like wolves, dogs empathize with hierarchy. They are instinctively inclined to live in herds under a chief. The dog considers his family a herd and must understand that the owner is the leader. In a pack of wolves, the chief picks out the warmest and the most elevated spot to sleep in. He also eats before others. If then, you allow your dog to sleep in your bed or climb the furniture, the dog may conclude that he is the leader. The same can happen if you feed them when dining at the table.

Even when it is a puppy, your dog can learn hierarchy. How? Try to stare in the eye until they take their gaze off you. Also, rubbing their belly when they are lying on their back is a good lesson, because this puts them in a position of submission. If your dog is annoying and does not stop when you say “no”, try to ignore them or leave the room. When your dog responds to your commands, they understand that you are the boss. If you, as the owner, do not establish yourself in the position of chief, your pet may conclude that they are equal to you or superior, and this may affect their behavior.

No dog was born evil and aggressive. The dog has been accompanying man for thousands of years and has proved to be absolutely faithful. But we must understand our dogs, and train ourselves before we try to train them. Our behavior can be destructive to the character of our dogs and lead them to make the wrong decisions. Not because they are bad, but because that’s how they have been trained.

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