Dynamic duo honored at Dodge Co. Fair

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – As the Dodge County Fair begins, one event is showing off furry talents.

Ava Finger and her dog Luna were honored at the 4-H Dog Project event. The duo won an award for being able to overcome the toughest of tasks.

Finger is paralyzed from the waist down after being in a bike accident several years ago. Being in a wheelchair is what makes her and Luna unique from other contestants…

While Luna can perform many tricks, Luna’s talents go far beyond dog competitions.

“We taught her how to do simple tasks for me,” Finger said. “She picks up my shoes in the morning and she can also push handicap (buttons)… we have her push those to open the doors.”

Even before competing in the 4-H Dog Project, Luna has always been Finger’s service dog ever since she was a puppy.

The constant bonding has fostered a special relationship between the two, and Finger used one word to describe it.

“Intimate,” Finger said. “She loves to sleep in my bed and she’ll jump up even at three in the morning.”

Following Wednesday’s event… Finger plans to continue training Luna and prepare for next year’s competition.

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