Rehome a dog: Is it Chico time for you?

CHICO is a male Chihuahua who is looking for a new home.

He was born in 2013 and is currently being looked after by All Creatures Great and Small Animal Sanctuary, near Ponthir.

A spokesman for the sanctuary said: “Chico came into us in July with his brother Buster. Both had to be separated due to disagreements in the kennel and both benefited from separate families.

“Sadly, we do not have a lot of background history on either dog, as they were brought into us very suddenly. Both of their owners had fallen gravely ill.

“Chico is a very sweet, curious dog.He is very calm on a walk and will walk alongside you at your pace.

“In our enclosed field, Chico will choose to either sniff around or engage in play with staff/volunteers. Within our socialisation room, Chico loves to explore the room and toy boxes first, before sitting down next to you for some attention. He is the type of dog that likes to approach you first, rather than the other way around.

“Chico did have a good relationship with his brother at times but could, on occasion, guard objects and food around him. He is okay around some other dogs but not all.

“He could potentially live with another but the guarding of objects and what has been mentioned must be taken into account.”

They said: “We were told by the previous family members that Chico may not be 100 per cent house trained and that the door at the property was always left open for him to have the choice of going outside. From what we have seen in the kennel environment, Chico likes to mark his territory within the bedroom area of his kennel.”

Chico currently has a grade three heart murmur but no treatment or medication is required. He has been cleared as healthy from the sanctuary’s vet.

Chico is fine to be examined by a vet and would be okay in a new home with children aged over 10.

He could also potentially live with another small dog, but not with a cat.

All Adopters are offered telephone support from the Sanctuary’s Dog Training and Behaviour Advisor, for as long as required.

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