Pendleton prison dog training program still going strong | Local News

PENDLETON — “Summer, heel,” commanded Daniel Pierce, looking down at the medium-sized dog in front of him with reddish-brown fur.

Summer quickly moved to Pierce’s side, in line with his legs, and looked up. Pierce offered her a treat.

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kAmuC2K:6C D2:5 96 5:5?’E E9:?< y2CC6== H@F=5 6G6C 86E E@ E9:D A@:?E — C625J E@ C6;@:? D@4:6EJ 2?5 4@?EC:3FE6 A@D:E:G6=J] (96? uC2K:6C 25>:EE65 9:> E@ E96 AC@8C2>[ @E96C @77:46CD E9@F89E y2CC6== H@F=5 72:=[ 3FE :?DE625[ 96 DF4466565 36J@?5 6IA64E2E:@?D]k^Am

kAm“x H2D 2? 24E:G6 82?8 >6>36C] x H2D 6IEC6>6[” 96 D2:5 @7 =:76 367@C6 y{ps] “%9:D AC@8C2> E2F89E >6 9@H E@ 36 D6=7=6DD] x 766= =:<6 :E H2D 2 8:7E 8:G6? E@ >6]”k^Am

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kAm%96 D:I AFAA:6D — E9C66 76>2=6D 2?5 E9C66 >2=6D[ EH@ J6==@H 2?5 7@FC 3=24< {23D — H6C6 3@C? E@ a\J62C\@=5 u=2>6[ 2?5 2== H:== 92G6 ?2>6D DE2CE:?8 H:E9 E96 =6EE6C “)[” 2D 6249 =:EE6C EC2:?65 92D ?2>6D 7C@> H92E6G6C 😀 ?6IE 😕 E96 2=A9236E] $E] !6E6C D2:5 E9:D 😀 E96:C D64@?5 E:>6 E9C@F89 E96 =:DE]k^Am

kAm%96 92?5=6CD 86E E@ DF886DE ?2>6D 7@C E96 AFAA:6D[ E9@F89 $E] !6E6C 92D E96 7:?2= D2J] %96 7:?2= ?2>6D 7@C E9:D =:EE6C 2C6 )EC2[ )46=[ )EC6>6[ )2G:[ )@D 2?5 )>] %96C6’D 2?@E96C AFAAJ 4@>:?8 :?E@ E96 AC:D@? E@ ;@:? E9:D C@F?5 @7 EC2:?:?8 H9@ 😀 42==65 )46[ E@@]k^Am

kAm!:6C46 H2D E96 =F4<J EC2:?6C H9@ 8@E E@ 42E49 E96 @?6 AFAAJ 3@C? :?D:56 t~rx]k^Am

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kAm!FAA:6D 2C6 3@C? H:E9 E96:C 6J6D 2?5 62CD 4=@D65] %96J @A6? 5FC:?8 E96 7:CDE 76H H66<D @7 =:76] %@ 96=A <66A E96 AFAA:6D D276 2?5 962=E9J 2E t~rx[ E96J DE2J :?D:56 2 C64E2?8F=2C C@@> H:E9 E9C66 =2C86 G:6H:?8 H:?5@HD[ 2 H9:E63@2C5 E@ EC24< E96 AFAA:6D’ 8C@HE9 2?5 7665:?8 D4965F=6[ 2?5 2 H2==65 2?5 3=2?<6E65 DA246 E@ <66A E96> 😕 367@C6 E96J 42? 6IA=@C6 @? E96:C @H?]k^Am

kAmtG6CJ 52J[ 7C@> 52J @?6[ E96 AFAA:6D C646:G6 7@C>D @7 62C=J ?6FC@=@8:42= DE:>F=2E:@?[ =:<6 AFEE:?8 E96:C A2HD @? 5:776C6?E E6>A6C2EFC6D 2?5 E6IEFC6D @C 4=62?:?8 36EH66? E96:C A2H A25D H:E9 2 4@EE@? DH23]k^Am

kAm“%96 8FJD H:== AC6DD E96:C 7246D FA 282:?DE E96 H:?5@HD ECJ:?8 E@ D66 H92E’D 8@:?8 @?[” !:6C46 D2:5 @7 E96 3:CE9] tG6CJ@?6 H2?ED E@ 36 :?G@=G65[ 3FE E@@ >2?J A6@A=6 😕 E96 C@@> 2E 2 E:>6 42? 36 DEC6DD7F= 7@C E96 >@E96C[ 96 6IA=2:?65]k^Am

kAm~?6 2=E6C?2E6 H9@ H2E4965 E9C@F89 2 H:?5@H[ r925 !@>6=@H[ 😀 23@FE 2 >@?E9 :?E@ E96 AC@8C2>] w6 D2:5 96 :?:E:2==J 2AA=:65 3642FD6 96 D2H 9@H :?EC:8F65 9:D b\J62C\@=5 52F89E6C H2D 3J @?6 @7 E96 5@8D 5FC:?8 2 G:D:E 2?5 96 H2?E65 E@ E2<6 2? :?E6C6DE 😕 H92E D96 =:<65]k^Am

kAmw6 D2:5 96’D C62=:K:?8 ;FDE 9@H >F49 E96C6 😀 E@ =62C?[ 3FE 96’D 6?;@J:?8 36:?8 23=6 E@ D66 @E96C A2CE:4:A2?ED H:E9 D@ >F49 >@C6 <?@H=6586 <?@H 9@H E@ 92?5=6 5:776C6?E D:EF2E:@?D]k^Am

kAm“x’> AFEE:?8 >JD6=7 😕 E96 A@D:E:@? E@ 36 2 36EE6C 72E96C[” !@>6=@H D2:5] “x’> H:==:?8 E@ H@C< 92C5 E@ 86E H96C6 x H2?E E@ 36]”k^Am

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