New Year, New Tricks: Sign Up Now for Discounted Training Classes

The key to Bowser’s transformation was the utilization of positive reinforcement training. His pet parent emphasized, “Among all the conflicting dog training information out there, it’s great to see clear evidence that a positive reinforcement methodology can be effective for behavior modification and that it was the right one for our pup.” 

The success story doesn’t end there. Bowser’s pet parent recognized the significance of having a reliable training blueprint for continued progress and future challenges. “He’s far from bomb-proof, but we’re confident we’ll see more and more improvement as he matures, and we stay the course with appropriate management and handling/training. Thank you!” 

This heartening testimonial exemplifies the positive impact that training at Toronto Humane Society can have on your four-legged family member. As you embark on the journey of training and bonding with your dog, trust in our certified trainers and the proven effectiveness of positive reinforcement. 

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