Train Your Dog To Learn to Sit

When you’re training a dog one of the first things you need to teach it is how to sit on command. This trick can be learned by a dog of any age with the proper advice. Continue reading this article to figure out how you can make your dog sit.

Make sure that there aren’t any kinds of distractions when you’re first teaching your pet how to sit. There shouldn’t be a lot of people around, and toys need to be kept put away. This is mainly because you don’t want to have the dog getting confused as to what it’s supposed to be doing. Make sure that all of your family members are aware of what you are trying to teach your dog so that they can leave you alone when you’re trying to train it to sit.

Treats should be used any time the dog does the right thing. These can come in many varieties but it’s important to pick one that isn’t too filling for your dog. The last thing you need is to make your dog larger and susceptible to health problems if you can avoid that. They make clicking devices that shoot out a treat whenever you use them and that’s another way to get your dog excited about getting a treat.

Dogs are very good at knowing when they are being praised. After the dog sits, you should use a nice voice while you praise it. Make sure the animal knows that you’re proud of it and don’t ever get too impatient when you’re first teaching the animal what to do. This is something that will take quite a bit of time. Since animals like dogs can sense what you’re feeling, by being patient, they will be less nervous.

Once your dog learns to sit when you tell it to, it’s time to start getting rid of the treats. If you don’t get rid of them, then your dog will not sit without one. Sure, it’s okay to give your dog a treat every once in a while, but be sure that you phase them out after a while. Slowly get rid of them so you don’t confuse your animal and only give it treats when you feel it’s deserved.

The final thing you must do to train your dog to sit is to practice the command in different situations. Places like the park and at other houses should be just fine. The reason for this is because a certain environment may trigger different reactions in your pet, but it must learn to obey you wherever you choose to go. You may have to get the treats back out for this.

You are able to get your dog trained easily if you use the above article to teach it to sit. You can then branch off of the sit command and teach your dog even more things. Use everything you have learned here and you will have an obedient pet that listens to your commands.

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