Tips To Help Calm Your Dog Down

The high energy level of most dogs is inspiring because their enthusiasm is contagious, and it can rub off on their owners. However, certain breeds and young dogs can be a bit too energetic, so they need to understand when it is o.k. to romp and when they must obey. Use the tips in this article to help your dog understand the guidelines more clearly.

If your dog stays home in a confined space while you are at work during the day, his energy level can build up by the time you come home. If you have an outdoor space for him to play in, take him out while you get ready to take him for a walk or work with him on a training session. Dog parks are great places for dogs to find a change of scenery and interact with other dogs. Make sure your dog is sufficiently socialized with other dogs before you visit a dog park.

You are the best playmate your dog has, and he will want you to spend time walking, playing or running with him. If you live in an area where the streets are relatively quiet, you may want to teach your dog to run on a leash while you ride your bike. A fenced in back yard is a great place to teach your dog to play games with you. Throwing a Frisbee or a ball and asking your dog to fetch, is a game most dogs enjoy.

Many dogs, and especially certain breeds, do well at agility training. This sport involves going over, through and under certain obstacles. Once the dog understands the concept of the game, they are very enthusiastic about completing the course quickly. This gives your dog a chance to use his intelligence and energy at the same time, and is a great outlet for any extra energy.

Teaching your dog tricks and rewarding him with treats and praise will make him more contented and happy. He will understand that when he performs a task correctly he will get a reward. This can also help you teach him acceptable behavior in your home, and give him permission to expend his energy during playtime.

It is important to take into consideration your situation before you look for a dog to add to your life. Certain breeds are prone to be high energy, and you should make sure you will be able to fill the need of that particular type before you decide to get one. If you know you have little time to spend exercising and playing with a dog, look for a type that is more on the “lazy” side. Many of the smaller breeds tend to fit into that category, while the larger breeds need more activity.

It is important that you consider your capabilities before you make the decision to bring a dog into your life. Dogs can add a lot of pleasure to people and their families. Use the information in this article to guide you in the purchase and training of your dog.

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