Lightning Strikes Twice! China’s Smallest Police Dog Wins Again

A Nanjinger in the form of the smallest police dog in China has for the second consecutive time taken its title as national champion in an annual search for combat-ready canine talent. Best of all though; our champ is named “Lightning”.

The competition (2021全国警犬搜索实战大比武) was held over this past weekend in Beijing. And there for it was Lightning and his handler, Wang Rongbo, from Nanjing Public Security Bureau’s police dog training base.

As China’s smallest police dog, the decorated Jack Russell Terrier stands just 30 centimeters tall, reported The Paper. But that’s not stopped Lightning rising to the top of the profession.

And Lightning is no stranger to the capital. In 2019, the little canine officer was on duty in Beijing, performing security work at the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. 

Lightning has also participated in major operations for the Ministry of Public in Yunnan Province along its borders with Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam.

For his handler, Lightning’s diminutive size has its advantages. “In some narrow places, such as vehicle chassis, aircraft or ships, Lightning can thread its way in and even sit down, making Lightning a useful supplement to other police dogs”, said Wang.

But the dog’s training also provided Wang with unique challenges. For large dogs, such as Labradors, Springers or Rottweilers, trainers do not need to bend down during training. Lightning, however, required Wang to squat and bend down for long periods every day. As a result, Wang ended up with a frozen shoulder and arthritis of the neck.

Graduating from Nanjing Agricultural University with a major in animal medicine, Wang, who had aspired to be a policeman since he was a child, became a police dog trainer in 2005. Lightning is the sixth police dog under his command, reported Sohu.

“Sometimes, it’s my family and my child. When training and working, it’s my comrade-in-arms. Let’s fight together”, Wang said.

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