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(WSVN) – It has been another difficult year for many people in South Florida, so on this Christmas Eve, we’re taking a look back at stories of generosity, determination and hope. Here’s 7’s Karen Hensel with some of our Moving Moments in 2021.

Richard Beall loves trains, and that makes sense, since he grew up around them.

His late father was a train engineer, and so was Richard before he retired.

Richard Beall: “I drove the freight trains, I drove the commuter trains, passenger trains. I’ve run Ringling Brothers trains, you name it.”

But Richard took on a new challenge: rebuilding the last remaining caboose from a fleet built in 1925 for the Florida East Coast Railway.

Richard Beall: “This caboose on Henry Flagler’s old railroad made many trips down the Overseas Railroad to Key West. It’s a very historic piece of equipment right here.”

But the old caboose, long since retired, fell into disrepair over the decades.

Richard raised nearly $200,000 to fully restore it.

Richard Beall: “This is it. This is the complete restoration here. Every piece of grab iron on this train is original.”

And our cameras were on board, as this piece of Florida history got back on track.

Officer Chad Smith: “I’m Officer Chad Smith. I’ve been with the Miramar Police Department for three and a half years.”

Officer Chad Smith was once camper Chad Smith.

Officer Scott Hadley: “Chad was one of our kids. He came through our camp.”

The Miramar summer camp Hangin’ with 5-0 connects police officers with children in their communities. They go on field trips, play sports and have pizza parties.

Officer Chad Smith: “It was actually going to Hangin’ With 5-0 that made me want to be a police officer. It kinda sparked that. I knew I wanted to get into this field particularly and give back.”

Speaking of giving back…

Doramise Moreau: “You don’t have a million [dollars] to give people, but if you feed them, that’s a big love you could give them.”

Doramise Moreau and her fellow church members were on a mission — in the kitchen.

Doramise Moreau: “That’s orange. That’s the way Haitian ladies make their food.”

When COVID hit, Doramise volunteered with Notre Dame d’Haiti Catholic Church to feed those who didn’t have enough to eat.

Father Reginald Jean-Mary, Notre Dame d’Haiti Catholic Church: “I did not have money to pay a restaurant to cook all those meals for us, and so Doramise said, ‘I’ll do it.’”

Finally, there was Marilyn Gore’s story.

Marilyn Gore: “I heard, ‘Plank da plank.’”

Last December, a car crashed onto her property, wrecking her carefully cultivated garden, where she grows much of her own food.

With the fence down, Marilyn’s beloved pet, Max, ran into the street and was hit and killed by a car.

Marilyn Gore: “That day he died, he didn’t get to eat, and I was so heartbroken.”

After our story aired, South Florida stepped up.

Dozens of calls and emails, and an offer to make the retired school teacher’s family whole again.

Marilyn Gore: “Hello. Sweetheart, I love you.”

The rain did nothing to dampen Marilyn’s instant connection with her new dog, named Kat.

Marilyn Gore: “I love her, and she loves me, too. Thank you so much!”

The 2-year old German shepherd was donated by Miami Canine Training.

An undercover officer with North Miami Beach Police dropped her off.

Last year, Marilyn spent the holidays with a hole in her fence and her heart. Now both have been fixed.

Marilyn Gore: “From the time we got dried off, the rest was history. I mean, she’s brought so much joy to my life, yes. She’s a really good dog.”

A good dog with lots of energy, running through a yard that is once again full.

Marilyn Gore: “Fresh vegetables straight from the garden. It gives me such pride and joy.”

Thanks to thousands of dollars donated by strangers.

Marilyn Gore: “The donations have been a big blessing.”

A blessing, and a reminder about the true spirit of the season.

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