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Training puppy didn’t go as planned

Leslie Snow, Shopper News

I had such big plans for Buttercup.

I dreamed her into existence when “coronavirus” was just a word I’d heard a few times on the nightly news. She was born before daily case counts scrolled across our TV; before we knew about variants and subvariants, and when a vaccine was a fervent wish instead of something to fear.

Leslie Snow, News Sentinel columnist.

But weeks after I brought my Great Dane puppy home, the world shut down. That’s when Buttercup and I became a bonded pair.

We had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I decided to make training my new dog my singular focus. I pledged to spend my days teaching her basic obedience along with a few crowd-pleasing tricks. I vowed to stick to a daily training schedule that would make her the most well-behaved of all my dogs.

And that’s just how things went. For about a week.

Then my sister got sick, and my world was upended. The time I’d set aside to train my puppy was lost in trips to Ohio and phone calls to doctor’s offices.

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