Another Dog Dies at The Colony Boarding Facility

In yet another distressing incident, a resident of The Colony, Texas, has reported that their beloved dog passed away under the watch of a local boarding and training facility.

As of Tuesday, Oct. 17, the police arrested of two individuals after ab investigation into the operations of Leiva Boarding and Training facility.

Horrifying pet tragedy unfolds at The Colony boarding facility

Prior to his stay at Leiva Boarding and Training, Selena Trevino said Moose was a happy and healthy dog who recently celebrated his fourth birthday.

According to CBS News — Trevino shared, “He was kind of like my emotional support dog.” She continued, “I spoiled him. I let him get away with anything. He was really sweet and caring, but also skittish to loud noises.”

In July 2022, she made the decision to enroll Moose in a boarding and training program. Her search for facilities online led her to Taylor Leiva’s business. “She had good reviews,” Trevino noted. “I didn’t see anything about a dog being harmed so I reached out to her.” She proceeded to book a week-long stay for Moose.

However, the situation took a tragic turn on July 25 when she received a call from animal control. Trevino recounted, “I received a call from animal control saying, ‘Hey, we’re on our way to go pick up your dog’s body.” She added, “My family all met me there and the most traumatic part was they brought him out in a trash bag.”

She then immediately reached out to Leiva. “I was really hoping it was a freak accident but knowing that he was there a week, probably without food … it’s very difficult,” Trevino expressed. She recalled messaging her several times, inquiring about what had happened, to which Leiva responded, “I don’t know. They simply took him out, returned him for a nap, and he never woke up.”

Trevino recently discovered that another dog owner had stepped forward, holding the business accountable for his dog’s demise as well.

Two weeks ago, Leiva faced charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. In addition to this, authorities arrested David Judelson earlier this month on seven animal cruelty charges. He is believed to be Leiva’s father.

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, advocates for animal welfare addressed The Colony City Council. Krista Kelley said, “The message that I want them to send is that animal cruelty is not allowed here in The Colony.” She further stated, “It’s not going to be tolerated and if you want to have a boarding business, you have to follow certain laws and regulations. You need to be registered, you have to have proof of vaccinations.”

It’s worth noting that The Colony prohibits residential boarding. There is an ongoing zoning case against the business. Trevino stressed the need for accountability, saying, “For Taylor and her dad, I’d like to see them financially and criminally accountable just so they can’t do this to other dogs.”

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