I’m a dog expert – here are the EASIEST pooches to train

THE best dog breeds to train have been revealed – is your pet pooch on the list?

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have studied more than 11,000 dogs from across 300 breeds – finding out that Australian Cobberdogs are the top dogs when it comes to training. 

A study carried out by the University of Helsinki compiled the easiest and most challenging dog breeds to trainCredit: Getty
Australian Labradoodles were revealed to have very good focusCredit: Getty

And rounding off the top three on the list are Australian Labradoodles, and Golden Labrador Retrievers.

Meanwhile, bull type terriers, sled dogs and Parson type terriers require more patience and can be harder to train when it comes to learning commands, the study found.

An exhaustive survey which noted behavioural habits from 11,000 dogs across 300 breeds was then ordered in 52 groups.

The data revealed a strong link between breed and seven personality traits.

These included insecurity, training focus, aggressiveness, energy, dog sociability, human sociability, and perseverance.

Dr Milla Salonen, lead author of the study, said: “The breed of the dog is the most important determinant underlying personality differences.

“All dogs are individuals, and all breeds have different traits, but the breeds differ in what kind of personality most dogs within each breed have.”

It comes after one dog trainer revealed the three best dog breeds for lazy owners.

For pooches better suited for family life, another expert listed his top three guard dog breeds to go for if you want a pup to protect your home.

Easiest dogs to train

  1. Other breed (Australian Cobberdog, Australian Labradoodle, Golden Labrador Retriever, Indian Pariah Dog, Peruvian Hairless Dog Large, Peruvian Hairless Dog Medium sized, Peruvian Hairless Dog Miniature, Seskar seal dog, Unknown breed, Wolfdog, Xoloitzcuintle Intermediate and Xoloitzcuintle Standard)
  2. Labrador Retriever
  3. Border Collie 
  4. Spanish Water Dog
  5. Rough Collie
  6. Golden Retriever
  7. Poodle
  8. Shetland Sheepdog
  9. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  10. Lagotto Romagnolo
  11. Welsh Corgi
  12. Teacup dogs
  13. Asian primitive breeds
  14. Dachshund
  15. English herders
  16. Lapponian Herder
  17. Middle European utility dogs
  18. Smooth Collie
  19. German Shepherd
  20. Retrievers/Flushing dogs
  21. Pointers
  22. Bermese Mountain Dogs
  23. Belgian shepherd dogs
  24. Other companion dogs
  25. Australian Shepherd 
  26. Bichon type dogs 

Most difficult dogs to train

  1. Bull type terriers
  2. Sled dogs
  3. Parson type terriers  
  4. Pinschers/Schnauzers
  5. Primitive sighthounds
  6. Scenthounds
  7. Fighting dogs
  8. Northern companion spitzes
  9. Chinese Crested Dog
  10. European sighthounds
  11. Middle European herders
  12. Brachycephalic dogs
  13. Northern hunting spitzes
  14. Livestock guardian dogs
  15. Jack Russell Terrier
  16. Yard terriers
  17. Mastiff type dogs
  18. Miniature Schnauzer
  19. Whippet
  20. Hunting terriers
  21. Mixed breed
  22. Miniature Pinscher
  23. Schapendoes
  24. Finnish Lapponian Dog
  25. German spitz related breeds
  26. White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Bull type terriers proved to be a trickier challengeCredit: Getty

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